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    Afterelton о Нормане Ридусе в роли Дэрила Диксона

    Norman Reedus has a huge list of TV and movie roles stretching back to 1997, so when he was cast in The Walking Dead, instead of considering it just another role, he brought skill and imagination to a thinly-conceived character and turned it into something very special.

    Reedus plays Daryl, one of the few characters created for the zombie TV series – Daryl doesn’t appear in the comics. From the moment he appeared in the series, you can see why producers fashioned a role especially for him. He’s that good.

    Give Daryl a crossbow and he can take out a pack of zombies – and viciously retrieve every arrow for later use. Need to know what the undead had for lunch? Call on Daryl to go spelunking in a zombie stomach. Don’t even ask about his childhood.

    Reedus gives Daryl a funny walk when he’s off his motorcycle. We know he’s injured, but the way he shuffles around, he appears to be on (or off) his meds. He hops quickly back and forth between being a jerk and a genuinely kind comforter, sometimes in the same scene.

    Источник: http://www.afterelton.com/tv/2011/12/year-in-television-2011-breakout-actors?page=last
    Категория: Рецензии | Добавил: Lo (23.12.2011)
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