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    DENIM ROAD-TEST: Earnest Sewn 6-Year-Old Mingus Reedus Hits the Playground
    When it comes to New York’s elitist crowds—be they film or fashion—access is everything. Having favorable genetics doesn’t hurt either. Mingus Lucien Reedus happens to be blessed with both, but he really couldn’t care less.

    The son of actor/filmmaker Norman Reedus ("Boondock Saints”) and Danish model/photographer Helena Christensen, Reedus is no stranger to the high-fashion and Hollywood scenes; he attended his first fashion show with his mother at the age of 3. Yet, now six years old and highly individual, he much prefers reptiles to any runway or red carpet.

    Despite his disregard for fashion, Reedus (who’s named after "that music player Mingus”) was more than happy to break from his usual after-school activities—SpongeBob SquarePants movies and playing with his cat—and road-test a pair of Earnest Sewn kids’ jeans called Lit’l Earnie. Unfortunately, as a result of Reedus being extremely tall for his age, the jeans fit more like Capri pants. Length complications aside, Reedus had plenty to divulge on what Lit’l Earnie attributes he did like, as well as his future career plans:

    What do you like about the jeans?
    "I like that they look cool and are my favorite color, blue. They have special pockets where the rubber [from the pit at the school playground] comes in each day.”

    What do you usually wear with them?
    "Cool stuff like shirts with dragons, or my army green Rodeo Robot hat, and SpongeBob underwear.”

    If you could do anything, what would you do?
    "I would go to the Museum of Natural History and stay there for a whole week, and then go to the zoo for a half-week. I want to be the boss of the whole school -- no, the whole city. And then I’m gonna tell my dad, ‘Hey Daddy, I want 20 ice creams a day.’”

    Who do you look up to the most?
    "My dad and my mom.”

    What do you want to be when you grow up?
    "A man that hunts after animals, tarantulas, and things like that. I like going places where there are lots of lizards. That’s it. I’m done.”

    ~Alisa Gould-Simon

    Источник: http://www.psychopedia.com/dailynews/2006/01/denim_roadtest_litl_man_6yearo.html
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